How to use Telegram scraper

Guide to use the telegram scraper
Before being able to use the Telegram scraper, you must setup it
Screen of telegram scraper

Channel/Group field

In the Channel/Group field you have to set the id of the channel/group you want to monitor
Use this bot to pick the ID that you need https://t.me/username_to_id_bot​
Jjust send the group link to this bot to get the ID
Usually the ID starts with a sign (-)
Example: -123456789
You must also enter the sign in the field if there is (see the example screen above)

Username filter field

In this field, you must enter the username of the user(s) you want to monitor.
You must take into account the username with the @
If you want to monitor @Aviddotsupport2, you need to write only Aviddotsupport2 without the @
You can enter as many users as you want, just separate them with a comma:
Example: Aviddotsupport2, Aviddot, etc...

Blacklist words

Here you can enter the word (or words, always separated by a comma), which do not execute the purchase.
I insert the word TEST.
If the phrase being sent to the group by the filtered user contains that word, and an address token, the bot will do nothing.
It will just print a message explaining that it has detected a BlackWord.
You can enter as many words as you want, just separate them with a comma:
Example: test, scam, etc...