Our Features

Main features - Aviddot 2.0 - sniperbot.aviddot.com

Auto Updates

No more download from telegram or from google drive.

When a new version is released, code will be updated from the bot directly

Check snipe coin contract functions

Pasting a token address, you can check all the functions of that token (very useful if you need to check the methodId to snipe in mempool)

Check token Score

Pasting a token address, will start the token check and a score will be assigned to the token. All the functions will be scanned and you can see if ther's some scam function in one second. Higher is the score, higher is the security of the token (less scam functions detected)


Add as many wallet you want!

Add as many dex you want

You can add as many ethereum-based dexes as you like

Regular snipe

Buy when the liquidity is added

Mempool liquidity snipe

Buy when addingliquidity method (customizable) is intercepted

(You can add any MethodId based on the router address)

Anti-Rug mode

Anti rug mode scans both the router address and the token address.

So you can sell-frontrun any type of transaction

Auto gwei on mempool snipe

The gwei for the buy is copied from the intercepted transaction.

The gwei for the sell is copied from the transaction and is increased by 7 gwei for the frontrun

Limit buy/sell

Set the price for limit buy or limit sell

You can choose the% of tokens to sell (from 10 to 100%)

Take profit and Stop Loss %

Streaming of % for gain or loss based on buy price

Token amount to buy

You can choose how many tokens to buy (useful in launches where there is a maximum number of tokens that can be purchased)

Sell only mode

Based on price (limit sell)

Loop mode

Toggle buy and sell based on price

(The first transaction will always be a buy)

Force buy/sell/approve

Buy, sell or approve at any time thanks to the buttons

Force sell - 100%, 50%, 25%, 10%

Customizable buy and sell slippage

Customizable max buy tax and sell tax

Mempool custom methoId snipe

Buy when a methoid is intercepted in the mempool search (tradingEnabled, antibot off etc...)

(You can add any MethodId based on the token address)

Mempool function name snipe

Filter the function name instead of the methodId.

This is the most user friendly way to snipe in mempool

Anti-bot protection (bsc, avalanche, polygon and fantom)

  • Honeypot Checker

  • Buy tax detector

  • Sell tax detector

  • Trading enabled detector

Windows Mac and linux

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux

Custom tokens

You can add custom tokens

Custom RPC

You can add up to 3 custom rpc

Check latency from the Node

You can control the latency of the nodes so that you can always choose the best one

Mouse hover helps and tips

When you leave your mouse over one of the functions, a popup will come out to explain what that function does

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